Wellington Thorneycroft is content picking pockets, taking Ambrosia, screwing prostitutes, and simply surviving in the hellish, walled City. But everything changes when he spots a spectral woman who wordlessly conveys the message: We’ll escape together. Suddenly, Thorneycroft’s life is turned upside down as he’s pulled along a circuitous path to an unknowable freedom: a path marked by violence, sex, and metaphysical dread.

Book Reviews

The Sun Casts No Shadow by Mark Richardson is a dark and twisted tale of a city’s underbelly…A fascinating yarn that will captivate readers, The Sun Casts No Shadow easily earns five stars. Richardson has produced an exceptional work that readers will relish and avidly share for years to come.”  ―Portland Book Review

A lowly man searches for a way out of a seemingly inescapable City in the dystopian noir…Richardson coats his short, engaging novel in a gleefully dense atmosphere…A dark, stylish tale that revels in its ambiguity.  ―Kirkus Reviews

All in all, this was a fun little Ambrosia trip of a book, and it’s well suited to readers interested in taking a walk on the stranger side of noir and dystopia. ―Grim Dark Magazine