Near-future San Francisco is a dark world where reality is changeable and different dimensions overlap.

Teen Malibu Makimura discovers she can feel people’s emotions, and senses an ominous voice grow inside her. She lands a job at a women’s nightclub drawing surrealist caricatures. One night while drawing a portrait, she feels a sinister emotion projected by a woman named Luciana, who invites Malibu to her Presidio Heights mansion…

Richardson tells a multilayered story that keeps you guessing, that is unafraid to leave things unanswered at the end, to accept that Malibu’s tale began before we arrived and continues without us once we have left.

A wildly eclectic SF novel set in futuristic San Francisco… A bleak but intermittently humorous psychological novel with an engaging young female arsonist at its center.
– Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Mark Richardson is the author of the novels Malibu Burns, The Sun Casts No Shadow and Hunt for the Troll. He grew up near Chicago, graduated from the University of Iowa, spent a number of years living in Los Angeles, and now calls Northern California home. He is married with two children.

Mark’s Other Books

The Sun Casts No Shadow
by Mark Richardson

The Sun Casts No Shadow by Mark Richardson is a dark and twisted tale of a city’s underbelly…A fascinating yarn that will captivate readers, The Sun Casts No Shadow easily earns five stars. Richardson has produced an exceptional work that readers will relish and avidly share for years to come.
– Portland Book Review


It all starts when a twenty-something software programming genius is visited while he sleeps by a mysterious figure referred to as the Troll. “We’re going to change the world,” the Troll tells the narrator. Soon we’re introduced to an assortment of off-beat characters: a red-haired, one-eared, female temptress; a pot-smoking tech reporter; a computer-generated Halfling; and a few venture capitalists who are all interested in finding the Troll. Mostly taking place in San Francisco, Hunt for the Troll is a quirky hybrid of mystery, pulp, and modern fairy tale.

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